Did you know that the average person spends one-third of their lifetime asleep?

That’s a lot of time to spend in bed. That’s why deciding what type of bed to sleep is so important.

In order to enjoy your sleep to the max, you need to consider a bed that supports your body weight while also giving you a comfortable night’s sleep.

Therefore, it makes sense that if you’re going to have great sleep, you’re going to need to check out quality metal bed frames.

Searching for the right bed isn’t just about the mattress. The bed frame can make all the difference too.

When it comes to choosing a bed frame, you mostly have to decide between wood and metal.

You need to make sure you know all the benefits of metal bed frames. Keep reading to find out more!

1. Lost-Lasting

Metal bed frames are made to last. SA Pine is a fast growing and soft timber – not only is it susceptible to beetle, the soft nature of the timber combined with typical bed movement causes screws and bolts to constantly pull away from the timber. By contrast, steel beds are durable and robust against the wear and tear of daily life.

Nowadays, most steel bed frames include an anti-corrosive coat that prevents rusting on the outside of the bed frame.

This means that even if you’ve had the metal frame for many years and it’s starting to look aged, you can add another coating to make it look brand new again.

2. Convenient

Have you ever tried to assemble a wooden bed frame? It’s not easy at all.

In contrast, metal frames are much easier to assemble and disassemble. A well designed metal bed or bunk uses minimal screws and bolts to fit each metal part together.

This means that you can move the bed frame from one room to another without any problems. Or, even if you have to move home, metal frames fit neatly into boxes.

3. Cheaper

Metal frames are also often significantly cheaper than the wooden frames. And yet, you don’t have to compromise on style with the many different beautiful and cool metal frames on the market.

Most importantly, by saving money on your bed frame, you have my money to invest in a quality mattress for your bed.

4. Variety

Metal frames are also available in many different sizes to fit any room or mattress.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re searching for a big or small bed, a king or queen bed or single, twin or double bed. Whatever you’re looking for, there’s a metal frame suitable for your needs.

5. Style and Sophistication

Metal bed frames are also available in so many different styles, from modern and simple designs to elaborate and traditional kinds.

Metal frames are also available in many different colors and patterns. This makes metal frames the best option for a children’s room for a fun and joyful look.

Metal Bed Frames and More

Choosing for the right bed frame for you means considering many different options.

But metal frames tick all of the boxes for the ideal bed. They’re highly durable and convenient and you don’t need to sacrifice on design.

Think about what matters to you in bed! Get in touch with us today to explore your bed frame options.

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