Tech or University is such an exciting experience. However, getting into student accommodation is SA is a huge problem and can be heart-breaking for parents.

For those that are about to set up in a new digs, they’ll need some help picking out some student furniture. What are some of the necessities? Here’s some help!

Don’t Bother Purchasing These

A shower tote. Chances are that the students have a community bathroom, so a tote isn’t necessary. Have the roommates share an organizer that hangs over the shower head instead.

A television. A 60-inch flat screen tv is has no place in a student digs. Most residences have lounge rooms that already have a television. It’s a great way to mingle with other students and plus, everyone is streaming things on their laptops.

Lots of furniture. Know the dimensions of the dorm room because a bookcase, lounge chair and possibly a futon will never fit. Only have the furniture necessary like a bed, dresser, and desk.

A printer. That’s what campus labs and the library are for. Don’t waste money on a printer, ink, and paper.

Dishes. Students eat in the cafeteria, and apparently, are not getting the correct amount of fruits and veggies! Even though you’re at University or Technicon, make mom proud by eating right.

For those that enjoy movie nights in the dorm, use a plastic bowl for late-night popcorn. It’s super cheap and easy to clean!

Beneficial Dorm Room Furniture

A lamp. This will be extremely helpful for the late night studying/reading. Two lamps would be ideal – one for the desk and one by the bed.

A rug. Again, check the dimensions of the dorm and get a nice rug to liven up the place. Plus, a lot of dorms already have tile and no one wants to walk on cold tile.

Favorite blanket. Students can’t control the temperature in the dorms so bring a favourite blanket for the winter.

Small folding tray table. It’s easy to store under the bed and is great for game nights or a laptop desk sitting up in bed.

Door hooks. This helps with floor space. Use a hook to hang towels, backpacks or shoes.

Enjoy the Bunk Beds

You can’t walk into a dorm without seeing the greatest piece of dorm room furniture – bunk beds. Whoever moves into the room first gets dibs on the top bunk.

Since the rooms are so small, it’s ideal for colleges to use bunk beds. They may not be the comfiest in the world, which is why it’s recommended to bring your favorite pillows, blankets, and stuffed animals. Make the room as cozy as possible so you don’t feel so homesick.

How We Can Help

Did you know that enrolment in higher education is around a million students? in 2016? We want to help make the college experience that much better with an amazing dorm room.

Still need help picking out the right desk, storage space, or bed? Contact us today and we’ll help with the planning!

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