Bunk beds are the ultimate solution when you’ve got lots of kids or adults to put up and limited space.

There are great benefits that come from having bunks beyond the obvious space saving.

No doubt your kids will love the fun times they can have sharing a room with them, while also getting a great night’s sleep. For dorms and hostels too, they’re a practical and cost-effective option.

But bunks aren’t all created equal!

Read on for our ultimate bunk beds buyers’ guide.

Quality and Durability

A bunk bed is more than just somewhere to sleep – it’s something you’ll actually be encouraging your kids or paying guests to climb into every night.

That means it’s vital not to skimp on quality.
There are various frame options out there, from softwoods, such as pine and mdf to steel frames.

Consider who will be using your bunk beds and how long-term an investment this is going to be.

There are great bunk bed options for dorms and student accommodations, that are made with heavy-duty structures to meet commercial specifications. These are strong enough to provide comfortable, long term sleeping accommodation for adults, rather than just the usual kids market.

Make sure that you choose a frame that will keep whoever is using the bed safe and comfortable at all times. For durability, strength and quality, steel is a great option. A well made bunk has a re-sale value when you family out-grows it.


Bunk beds are almost endlessly versatile.

There are traditional two-tier options, even three-tier ones now, provided you’ve got the head height in your room!

Also, consider not just how the bunks need to be used now, but also in the future.

If you’re a parent with small children, high school study sessions may seem a long way away. However, it’s worth thinking about bunks with a built-in desk for just such a situation.

If you’re a landlord kitting out student accommodation or a hostel, installing a bunk with a desk below or off to the side could be a great option to maximize space for your tenants.

Another great use of bunks is as guest accommodation in a spare room.

You can get bunks with a double bed below and single on top, with a safe ladder for access to the top bunk. This allows you to accommodate a small family with very little stress for minimal space.

Futureproof Your Bunks

Bunks may be practical when kids are small but they may not want to be together as they get older.

You can futureproof your purchase by choosing bunks that come apart and can be used as two separate beds in future. This also gives you flexibility if you move house or an older child moves out at a future date.

If you’re a landlord or running a hostel, this also gives you options for different layouts and configurations in future.

The Takeaway – Ultimate Bunk Beds Buyers’ Guide

Whatever your reason for buying bunks, you’ll never regret buying quality. Strong, durable frames will stand the test of time and mean lower replacement and maintenance costs in the future.

Think about how you’ll be using them a few years down the line and they’ll be a solid investment for years to come.

Check out our awesome range of bunks today!

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