Chill on a daybed

Who knew relaxing after a long, hard year could be as easy as plonking down in a daybed? There’s no denying 2017 has been challenging. Sometimes it feels like we’ve been running around like headless chickens. Well, luckily, it’s December time and entering the festive season. With the sweltering weather in South Africa this time of year, we have some perfect ways for you to chill and enjoy your break.

Tea it up

Herbal teas are notorious for being relaxers. Green tea is even known to be a source of L-Theanine, which helps relieve anger. End your day by sitting and reflecting in a comfy armchair, while sipping some green tea. It’ll clear your mind and soothe you. What a great way to relax.

Do it on a daybed

What’s better than lying about and reading on a warm day? Lying about and reading on a warm day in your garden! Bring your daybed outside and put it in some shade. Just grab yourself a cool drink and you’re bound to feel relaxed.

Lightweight and easy to move, easily bring it inside later without hassle.

We think they’re the perfect chill accessory because they’re part bed and part couch.

Eat something sweet

No, candyfloss doesn’t count. We’re talking chocolate and honey. Dark chocolate has been known to relax and calm nerves – and it’s super delicious. If you’re not a dark chocolate fan, try a spoonful of honey. It’s a natural antibiotic and reduces inflammation in the brain (which fights depression). Mangoes are also a really good sweet treat alternative that helps to lower stress levels. They’re especially good if you’re on a diet or don’t like honey.

Do absolutely nothing

There are days when all we need is to do nothing. Lay down, put your head on your pillow and let your thoughts wonder. You may even drift off to sleep. Just let it happen and focus on your breathing. Put your worries away for now – they’ll be there tomorrow. If it’s a few minutes, or a few hours., you’ll feel a bit more relaxed.

Don’t forget you-time

If you need to rest and restore, spend some time on you. Whether that is cooking yourself a meal, putting on a facemask or getting rid of things you don’t use – spending some time doing exactly what you want to be doing every once in a while, is a necessity. Walk in the sunshine. Swim at the beach. Give yourself a massage. You’ve spent the year focusing on other people – so don’t neglect yourself this holiday.


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