Myspace products are built to last and on our steel frames have a 2 year guarantee.

This as an indication of the confidence that we have in our products and it is for your long term assurance.

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You want a product that will last – something that’s hard-wearing and won’t let you down. Durable, reliable and up-to-date. Whether you’re building a hostel, shelter or student housing we’ve got something for you. Browse through our website and find a bunk bed, steel bed or bedroom furniture product that works for you. You can even order in bulk.
Buying steel beds in bulk in South Africa is a large investment. These beds need to last many years and stay modern at the same time. Here at Myspace, we manufacture our beds in our factory in Cape Town where we can ensure the quality is top notch and every bed is perfect. We’re so sure about the quality of our beds that we put a two-year guarantee on all of our steel frames for your long-term assurance. Ask us about our gaurentee.
Our double bunks and beds boast clean lines and adaptable colour choices which will suit any style of room. From silver to white to blue and so many more, you get to pick your favorite. Our beds can be reinforced to suit your needs – meaning they can work incredibly well in an army residence, or in a mining dorm. Our double bunks are also the perfect sleep solution for those looking to sleep many people, comfortably, in a small space. They are easy to configure in any arrangement to suit your space. Sure to last, our products have been made with the future in mind and are adaptable to any space.

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