We strongly recommend the use of safety rails. All of our steel beds and bunks work well with safety rails attached. Be sure you’re safe with these metal rails which will prevent falls and injury and never fall off the top bunk again with Myspace’s Safety Rails.

Who can benefit by having safety rails on their beds?
• Care patients – Bed Rails and Safety Rails serve a variety of functions when assisting the elderly. They provide support for those who struggle to get into and out of bed, they help to adjust your position once you’re in bed and they can prevent you from rolling out of or falling out of your bed. Different things work for different people which is why we offer the option of having rails on both sides of the bed, or one side.
• Children sleeping in a bed for the first time – Transferring from a crib to a bed can often be a difficult transition. Make sure your child doesn’t fall out of bed and feels secure at the same time with safety rails attached to his or her bed.
• Bunk bed sleepers – Make sure you and your children are secure when you sleep in the top bunk. Bunks are fun and provide a great amount of extra space, but come with a certain amount of risk. To reduce the chance of injury please consider the following recommendations:
– Discuss safety concerns & proper bunk bed use with your children
– Don’t allow children under 6 to sleep on the top bunk
– If one side of the bunk is not against the wall, use two safety rails
– Always use the ladder to get on and off of the bunk

If your circumstances require it, or if you are in any doubt, please ask about improved safety rails for the product that you are considering. Looking for Safety Rails? Rest assured that you’ll be safe in bed with our products. Please contact us to discuss your options.

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