Spare Beds

They can fold and be stored easily. They are durable, sturdy and adaptable. Our range of spare bed will ensure any extra guests are always comfortable. Take your pick between our folding beds, trundle beds, beds on wheels and vertical beds – all of our spare bed are afforadable and comfortable for any setting.

Who could benefit from buying our spare beds in bulk?
• Hotels & Guest Houses – Our Vertical Spare Bed is particualrly convienent for hotels and guest houses. They can be made up with linen and stored vertically which saves you time and space. Light weight and easy for a single person to roll and install, this spare bed can be bought in bulk to save you money. Made from steel, it’s a small investment for something that will last a life time.
• Hostels – You need to house hundres of travellers in an affordable way. Make sure you never run out of beds with our easy-to-store & price wise spare guest beds.
• Student Accommodation – Our Trundle Beds are the best way to accommodate hundres of students and their guests in a comfortable and affordable way. With an easy roll-out bed, you’ll be able to keep the students and your bank balanace happy.

All of our beds are made in our factory in Cape Town where we can ensure that every bed that leaves our doors is perfect. Made to last, any Myspace bed will stay stylish with it’s clean lines and sleek designs for generations to come.

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