Bedside Pedestal – Fantom

Striking and modern bedside pedestal.   Powder coated Steel Frame.


Bedroom Furniture Bulk : Buy The Best At The Best Prices

Need bedroom furniture bulk? Our Fantom Bedside Pedestal is trendy, modern and timeless. Made from the best steel, it’s sure to last a long time and not break the bank. You can buy our Bedroom Furniture Bulk to save you time and money.

Here are some of it’s best features:

  • The Fantom Pedestal measured 37 x 29 x 50ht cm, meaning it’s the perfect size to hold your books, lamps and even some pictures.
  • This piece is available in all of our standard powder coated colour or it looks great in a waxed raw steel finish.   With so many options, our Fantom Pedestal is sure to fit with your decor, and won’t go out of style.
  • It’s available in bulk. The Fantom Pedestal and our Bedroom Furniture Bulk are available for mass purchase, because they’re affordable and work incredibly well in a hotel, hostel or guest house setting. For your ease, we also ship our products around South Africa. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and location and we’d be happy to accommodate you.
  • Crafted in our factory. All of our Myspace products are made in our factory in Cape Town where we can ensure the quality, so you’re guaranteed that every product you buy from us will be perfect every time.

The Fantom Pedestal’s clean modern lines and frank style contribute to it’s classic look. It is sleek and made to last. Put your favorite items on a pedestal (literally) and display them in the best way.

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