Willow Wrought Iron Bed

Beautiful design and with clean lines.

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The perfect mattress isn’t complete without a strong bed frame. Replace your worn-out steel bed frames with the Willow Wrought Iron Bed’s trendy look and sturdy feel.

While a mattress will influence the quality of your sleep, a bed frame is the centerpiece of any room’s decor and has a great effect on the look and feel. The Willow Bed’s whispy lines and romantic styling makes it a great bed for any master bedroom, or country house. It’s charm and good looks also make this bed work really well in a hotel or guest house setting. Just dress it up with some clean linens, furry throws and contrasting throw pillows and you have a bed any guest would be pleased to sleep in.

The Willow Bed comes in a range of colours. Take your pick between Silver Vein, Grey, Black, White, Cream, Blue, Red, Silver or Gun Metal. With so many options, you’re sure to find one that suits your decor and compliments your space.

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For Mattress Widths 91, 107, 137, 152, 183

Colour Options

Silver Vein, Grey, Black, White, Cream, Blue, Red, Silver, Gun Metal

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