Last year, South Africa had more than 10 Million foreign tourists.

While many of these people stayed in hotels and motels, some of them stayed in hostels. In order to handle this high volume of traffic, you need to make sure your hostels are equipped with steel bunk beds.

Bunk beds made from steel are the best option for your business. They are strong, durable, and last for a long time. If you’re building or furnishing a hostel, you’ll definitely want to add them.

Here’s how to get started with steel bunk beds!

1.  Choose the Number of Beds

The first step towards designing and creating your hostel is determining how many beds can safely fit in each room. One of the benefits of steel bunk beds is that they are able to hold two people while taking up the floor space of one bed.

Part of the appeal of hostels is that it brings people from many different parts into one communal area. So you won’t have to worry about adding a lot of beds. In fact, for some travellers, the extra people make the trip more exciting and fun.

2.  Choose the Type of Beds

Decide on the Materials and Look that you want:

Timber gives a warm homely look, but steel is one of the best materials for high-traffic beds.  Hard wood is expensive, and although SA Pine is soft and can become rickety as screws loosen, a properly constructed pine bunk can last as long as steel.

Warm colours on the walls, textures and lighting can be used to create a homely atmosphere with steel bunks.

Did you know that steel is 1000 times stronger than the iron from which it is produced?   That means your beds will be tough and last for a long time, which will save you money as well.

Security and Privacy:

Security is almost the biggest concern for travelers in shared spaces.   Lockable Steel Under-bed Drawers are a perfect solution and can be made for just electronics or for entire backpacks.

Bunks can be built with modesty panels to provide some privacy.


Bunk beds should be easy to move and should pack flat for storage purposes.   This will leave you with flexibility for moving bunks around to accommodate the needs of different groups.

3.  Get Them Installed

Once you’ve determined the best number of bunk beds and chosen the right ones, you need to get them installed.

Find a team that will install the beds for you as well. Many hostels secure the beds to the floor, as this prevents floor damage from people moving the beds. You’ll want to find a company that will do this for you as well.

Some companies will even give you a pretty good guarantee if you buy bunk beds in bulk.  Buying in bulk will allow you to not only get the best price but also some pretty good installation deals as well.

4.  Get the Right Accessories

The last step is to get the right accessories. Most people won’t notice the type of bed that they sleep in. However, what they will notice is the mattress.

In order to truly delight your guests, you should choose mattresses that are waterproof. This will help the guests feel cleaner and safer. It will also ensure that the mattress last longer as well.

You’ll also want to find good quality sheets, as it’s pretty much a requirement for hostels to have them in today’s age. Make sure the sheets you get are easy to clean and strong. This will help you to utilize them longer.

Purchase Steel Bunk Beds Today

If you want to get the most profit from your hostel, steel bunk beds are the best option. Not only are they strong, but with our team here at Myspace they’re also easy to purchase and install.

Contact us to learn more about our special bunk bed offers and how to get your hostel up and running.

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