A day in the life of a parent means almost every moment is used making decisions for young children.

What shoes will they wear? What vegetable will they eat with their lunch? Where will they go to school?

Some of the decisions can be downright daunting. But buying a kids bed doesn’t have to be.

Is your child in need of a new bed? Follow these tips and find the perfect bed for any child.

#1 Use an Innerspring Mattress

Innerspring mattresses are the most supportive kind of mattress. Children need a kids bed that will support their growing skeletal structure, and innerspring mattresses answer the call.

There are two types of innerspring mattresses:

  • Open sprung: the most common type of mattress, springs are intertwined in one panel.
  • Pocket sprung: kids bed has smaller panels of springs, enclosed in their own pockets, making up the mattress

By design, pocket sprung mattresses are the most supportive on the market.

#2 Think About Space

Many kids beds today offer space-saving designs. There is everything from bunk beds, to beds with desks and storage space built-in.

When shopping for the perfect kids bed think about space.

Ask yourself, “How much do I have?” And if the answer is “not a lot”, go for a space-saving design that meets the demands of your child’s individual lifestyle and hobbies.

#3 Consider Skipping the Toddler-Bed

Toddler bed’s offer an unnecessary expense for many families. The best use for a toddler bed is if a child is struggling to transition into their twin bed, a toddler bed could make a good in-between stage.

But if you have a good sleeper, go straight for the twin. Toddler beds don’t last long since kids grow out of them quickly.

If you do choose to use a toddler bed, make sure you get a supportive innerspring mattress, as described above.

#4 Remember to Replace the Mattress

Mattresses generally need to be replaced every five to ten years depending on the size and condition.

Memory foam mattresses or mattresses that have had a lot of spills, may need to be replaced sooner. Keep tabs on your child’s mattress and replace it, as needed.

Make sure to follow these guidelines as dust mites can build-up on a mattress and flare up allergies or respiratory issues.

Ready to Shop for a Kids Bed?

With this information, you may feel ready to shop for a new bed for your child.

Remember to shop for a supportive mattress, consider space constraints, decide if a toddler bed makes sense for your young child and always replace the mattress if it’s nearing the end of its useful life.

With a wide variety of beds to choose from, visit mySpace and find the right one for your child today.

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