While the average retail bed can last 5 to 10 years, the kind of wear that beds can take in some facilities can have you replacing beds every couple of years. Usually, a good bed frame will last several times longer than a mattress but if it’s mistreated, a frame will only last a few years. Depending on your facility, you might need to invest in an extra strong bed.

Since we spend thousands of hours a year in bed, it’s important that we feel comfortable but also stable. Having a sturdy bed is just as essential as having a bed that feels nice. While an average bed will be fine for sleeping, if there’s potential for wear and tear, we need a bed to match that need.

If you’re looking for an extra strong bed, make sure you look for these 4 characteristics.

1. Durable Exterior

If you have a lot of people rotating through your facility, you’re going to need beds that have a durable outer layer. Simple cotton or fabric won’t do. If you’re often dealing with spills, messes, and other things, you need something that will clean off easily as well.

Look into waterproof mattresses that can offer you a longer lasting mattress. With the possibility of bed bugs from having so many people using the same bed, it’s best if your bed is made of impenetrable materials. Otherwise, you’ll have to spend money on covers to protect the exterior as well.

This could run your prices so high that you might as well buy higher end mattress that includes waterproof and bug-proof exteriors.

2. Strong Springs

Springs are one of the key components to any bed. They determine how comfortable a sleeper is. They also determine the constitution of the bed and how long it will last.

Having strong steel springs is important to have a bed that lasts for years to come. Make sure your beds only use the highest quality springs for the best experience.

3. Rugged Frame

A strong frame will be able to support anyone of any weight. You need to be able to support the weight of two people if you anticipate couples staying in your beds.

Steel frames are better than wood and will last much longer. Make sure you get the weight limit for frames before you purchase them. The needs of a children’s facility are different than that of a hotel or military outpost.

4. Stackable

You might find that you want to put together bunk beds to conserve space. Find beds that are stackable and easy to assemble.

Again be aware of weight limits before you put too much stress on them.

An Extra Strong Bed Will Save Money

By investing in great beds up front, you’ll be spending less on maintenance and replacing your beds. Getting durable steel beds now means less spending on replacing cheap beds later.

If you’re ready to pick out some new beds, contact us for more tips and ideas today.

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