Some of the most difficult decisions are those that affect a large number of people at once, and choosing dorm room furniture is no exception.

Whether you’re a school administrator or a contractor, the goal is to make the dorms look welcoming and comfortable. There’s a lot more involved than aesthetics and comfort, though.

So how do you find dorm furniture that’s safe, enjoyable, stable, and affordable to make everyone happy? These tips can help.

Tips for Purchasing Dorm Room Furniture

To make sure the dorm furniture you choose meets all the right criteria, follow these tips:

Look for Versatility

If there’s one thing we know about college students, it’s that they crave control over their lives. You never know whether the residents of your dorm will want bunk beds, lofted beds, standard beds, or another option.

For this reason, versatile dorm furniture is a real people-pleaser. Look for beds that can be raised or lowered as needed, lofted, bunked, etc. For desks, consider models that can have various angles or models that let students change where the drawers are arranged.

In this same vein, make sure the furniture doesn’t have a distinctive style so it appeals to everyone.

If you find the versatile furniture you’re looking for, make sure it comes with instructions so students can customize it safely.

Maximize Space

Dorm rooms are famous for their compact size. Students embrace the challenge of living in tight spaces, and the furniture should do the same.

When you’re purchasing dorm room furniture, that means looking for compact pieces that serve multiple functions. For example, experts with space-saving tips suggest pieces like these:

  • Seating with built-in storage
  • Fold-out tables
  • Storage ottomans
  • Stackable chairs

These are just a few examples, but overall, ask yourself if any piece is taking up more space than necessary.

Measure Spaces Well Ahead of Time

This may sound like an obvious tip, but it’s still skipped far too often.

Most dorm buildings have a wide variety of floor plans. Make sure you know all the dimensions of every layout and that your furniture fits in each one.

If possible, take your own measurements rather than relying on blueprints. Construction projects often stray from the blueprints slightly, so they may not be entirely accurate.

Prioritize Long-Term Quality

Dorm furniture goes through many different residents, and not all college students take good care of their belongings.

Every university wants to make good use of their budget, and part of that is buying assets that last. Furniture made of steel is particularly durable and long-lasting.

Ideally, look for dorm room furniture with a guarantee. This protects you against quality problems you might not notice until the furniture is put to use. It’s also a sign of a well-constructed product and a reputable company.

Research Safety Records

The last thing a university wants is a liability problem from unsafe furniture. Campus safety is a concern for all students, so it’s important to minimize the risks you can control.

Before you buy dorm furniture, look up any safety recalls on the product and any red flags about the company.

Buying Dorm Furniture

Following the tips above can help you make economical and safe purchasing decisions for the dorm rooms under your control. And fortunately, there are companies right here in South Africa that meet the criteria above.

To get started, shop online for dorm room furniture and begin comparing your options.

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