Safety Rail Options

Safety Rails

Consider upgrading your safety rails or having safety rails on both sides of the bunk.   Different safety rail sets can work on most of our bunks – please contact us to discuss the options.

Bunk Safety

Bunk Beds can be  a great choice to maximize space in a fun way, but the elevated design comes with a certain amount of risk.   To reduce the chance of injury, proper supervision (especially of children) of the bunks and their safety features is essential.   To reduce risks, please consider the following recommendations:

–  discuss safety concerns and proper usage of bunk beds with your children and prohibit horseplay on or near the beds.

–  children under 6 years of age should not be on the top bunk

–  if one side of the bunk is not against a wall, please order and use 2 safety rails

–  ensure the mattress is at least 12cm below the top of the safety rail

–  always use a ladder to enter and leave the top bunk

–  ensure that the room is tall enough to accommodate the bunk bed.  A bunk close to the ceiling is inviting trougle

–  never attach or hang items to any part fo the bunk that are not designed for use the bunk.   For example hooks, belts    and jump ropes.

If your circumstances require it, or if you are in any doubt, please ask about improved safety rails for the product that you are considering.


Do you require Safety Rails?

Our safety rails can really benefit those struggling to get out of bed, or those who want to ensure they stay comfortably in bed. We strongly recommend the use of  rails – and all of our beds and bunks work well with rails attached. Avoid injury and ensure safety with Myspace’s Safety Rails.

Rest assured you’ll be safe in bed with our products. If you have children who are sleeping on the top bunk, or are new to sleeping in a bed, ensure you discuss bed safety with them – as well as purchasing safety rails. Transferring from a crib to a bed can be difficult so keep the following in mind:

  • Don’t allow children under six years old to sleep on the top bunk
  • If one side of the bunk bed is not against the wall, use two rails on either side.
  • Make sure your children use the ladder to get on and off of their bunk

Care patients can also benefit from having rails on their beds. Our rails assist the elderly by providing support for those who struggle to get out of bed and can prevent rolling out and falling.

If you’re unsure, ask us. If your circumstances require it, or if you are in any doubt, please ask about improved rails for the product that you are considering.

Rest assured that you’ll be safe in bed with our Safety Rails. Please contact us to discuss your options. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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